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About Me

I grew up ruining carpets with chemistry sets, feeding my ant farm, putting together models of the five senses, and posing for my mom’s huge black and silver camera. I remember licking Snoopy snow cones in the summer and slurping my mom’s Snowy Day top secret stew in the winter.

At age eight, I received my first purple film camera and never looked back. When I decided to try a themed self-portrait-a-day project back in 2008 my spark for portrait photography lit up. I am obsessed with fashion, but always ended up a fashion disaster in my self-portraits. That’s when I realized how much easier it would be to take portraits of you.

On weekends, you’ll find me running wooded trails with my sons' Monkey and Crab, experimenting with homemade DIY, or digging around cooking blogs to create the weekly meal plan. My husband, Chris, loves to tell jokes that make me gasp with laughter! Monkey and Crab will always be my baby guys, and my chihuahuas, Ruby and Jeter, like to snuggle under blankets with me all.the.time. I am a life-long learner.

I have attended universities to study a variety of subjects, completing two Bachelor degree programs as well as earning a Masters degree.

I give my heart to others, my energy to charity, and my knowledge to students.

● Kate

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